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Post  Arwen on Wed Apr 28, 2010 2:26 pm

Please only post Archer items in here.

Buying requests go here.

Multiple items may be advertised in the same thread IF AND ONLY IF they all meet the statistics in the title.

How to sell an item:

  1. Make a screenshot of your item: leave your cursor on it to display item description then press your Print Screen key.

  2. Open your image (in ~/regnum/live/screenshots/ on Linux and probably the same on Windows) with your favorite image editor and crop it.
    > see Gimp,, or google with "how to crop [write here your software]".

  3. So, I want to sell that stuff:

    Instruction For Posting Barb-s10

  4. Go to the proper category, the Warriors' one in this case.

    Instruction For Posting Catego11

  5. Open a new topic.

  6. Select the trade smilies category and click on barb, slash then 30-39.

    Instruction For Posting Emotic10

  7. Copy/paste the smilies code into the title.
    It's really important for buyers when he/she is looking for an items.

  8. Click on host an image (1), choose your image and send it. Copy/paste the code to display your image (2).

    Instruction For Posting Link10

  9. Then write what you want for your item: magna, gold, similar stuff or anything else.
    Check and valid your post.

    Instruction For Posting Post12

  10. Finally, you will get something like that ready for sale:

    Instruction For Posting Look10

At this step, anyone can see your item and make an offer by replying to your post.

Special cases:

  • Some armor items aren't dependent on subclasses but belong to main classes like mage, archer or warrior (i.e. mage hats, vesper items, some low level armors, etc.). In this case, click on the both subclass icons to add the right tags.
    More explanations here :

  • For weapon items like bows and staves, they are only available for main classes: archers and mages respectively. So you don't need to specify a class.

  • Items like rings aren't dependent on class (for most of them). So post your selling request in the "Buying and Other Requests" category.

How to look for an item:

Two possibilities :
  1. Choose the right category, and click on interesting topics to see what stuff is for sale.

  2. Open an Advanced Search and type something like blunt barbarian, you will get all topics in relation with a blunt weapon for barbarian, recent ones first.
    If you select Search in: Trade and Search for all terms, you will get ONLY topics in relation to trade and barbarian + blunt.
    Instruction For Posting Search10

Words that work for searching:
  • Class: barbarian, knight, hunter, marksman, conjurer, warlock
  • Types: slash, blunt, pierce, longbow, shortbow, staff, armor, shield, ring, amulet
  • Levels interval: 1-19, 20-29, 30-39, 40-45, 46-50.

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