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What Goes in this Section?

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What Goes in this Section?

Post  Arwen on Sun Jan 02, 2011 9:49 am

This forum is used to request access to the private sections of the forums. Please only create a thread in this forum once. This thread should contain at minimum:

1) Your main character's name (and optionally any alts you have to make it easier to communicate)
2) Who referred you to the forums (if anyone)
3) Anything else you want to say.

To verify your identity:
1) Have your referrer post in the thread to confirm they did send you here.
- Or -
2) You can contact one of the admins in game so we know your account belongs to you.

Please understand that it is YOUR responsibility to verify your identity and not the admins. If one of the admins run into you in game they may ask about your forum account but DO NOT expect this to happen, instead you should actively seek them out.

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